Creative Concept Development

Developing your concept is an essential step to ensure that when you open those doors - you will indeed disrupt the market. Concept & Company will work with you to develop your establishment’s atmosphere, theme, menu offerings, marketing presence and every other ingredient every successful brand must have.

  • Unique looks, logo and brand
  • Consistent tangible message
  • Translate message to your guests
  • Menus that speak for themselves
  • Atmosphere that compliments cuisine


Feeling as though you're plateaued? Not sure how to spark that interest in your establishment? Whether it's local events, festivals, charitable causes, electronic media or other innovation ways of getting the public to recognize your business, we will manage the process. Traditional methods of advertising are typically expensive and less and less effective. Your business needs to make bold moves on a budget. This can only be done with a marketing plan. Let us show you the difference between real effective marketing and ineffective reaction advertising.

Concept & Company believes knowing and mastering your market is an essential ingredient to your success. We offer full reporting on your local market and specifically your competition. Our report will consist of others pricing, menu, clientele, pros, cons and a full summary with your business’ plan of action.

  • Electronic brand management
  • Clearly conveyed message
  • Contemporary means of marketing
  • Competitive summary
  • Boost your local reach


Just getting things off the ground? Concept & Company will help you avoid certain mistakes that are commonly made. We know the food tastes the same wherever we sit, but enjoyable atmosphere will keep your guests coming back again. What should your bar be stocked with and how much is too little? We're here to answer these questions while increasing profitability and productivity. We can assist with new build outs to assure you have that perfect layout. We’ll help you select the best assortment of china, glassware, menus and even the kitchen sink that is suitable for your needs.

  • Professional business plan presentation
  • Employee handbook and training materials
  • Creative costed menus and recipes
  • Market research and demographics
  • Sourcing of smallwares and equipment
  • Maximized dining spaces


Where to begin and where to end? Knowing what’s too little and what’s wasteful. A menu too large can waste product and money, but too small and guests may leave wanting more. Concept & Company can collaborate with your Chef or bring in our own to create and appealing and profitable menu. All of our creations put an emphasis on flavor and freshness while accurately accounting for food cost.

  • Hyper focused freshness
  • Scrutinized food cost
  • Appealing and varied menus
  • Recipe education
  • Custom designed and one of a kind


Concept & Company will devise a unique plan to cultivate new business opportunities. We specialize in customer loyalty programs, volume driving entertainment offerings, profitable happy hours and many other points of distinction that should be exploited in your business. We have a variety of strategies and programs to maximize your reach all in a cost effective way. We’ll define your online presence, social media accounts and local audience. Further steps include the implementation of cost-effective marketing strategies and the execution of a marketing plan for each segment of your business. 

  • Exploration of underutilized segments
  • Augment your customer base
  • Inventive yet simple means
  • Feasible marketing plans
  • Knowledgable assessment