Concept & Company's support will ensure that you are understanding trends as they are happening and not reacting to changes in consumers tastes once it's too late. Have standards changed or is there something you're overlooking? Your ability to understand employment rates, projected industry growth and evolving palates will help you to better prepare for what's to come next.

Is it time for a renovation, menu overhaul or a second location? We carefully put to use or own knowledge along with solid facts like these to make educated decisions to guide your business's growth. Statistics are a fundamental part of our employee training materials, with sales data being equally important for our beverage programs.


Tech and eat meet

(Percentage) Source: 2017 Mapping the Technology Landscape, National Restaurant Association

Projected restaurant industry sales in 2017

Source: National Restaurant Association

the biggest challenge to your restaurant’s success in 2017?

Source: Toast

bourbon makes a boom

(Thousands of nine liter cases depletions) Source: Impact Databank, 2015