Employee Recruitment, Hiring and Training

.How will you empower your staff and have your passion resonate through them? Your staff should be the biggest proponents of what you do, but how will you get them to share that excitement? Educate them on precisely what you do and why you do it. We'll present a multi-process way to achieve that dynamic and disciplined staff you have so been desiring. 

In coordination with owners and management we will use a standard procedure to evaluate your employees performance. Concept & Company provides complete training or re-training for each unique job within your company. The process will result in a completed employee handbook, standard operating procedures, detailed job descriptions and proper steps of service for all front of house positions. We can devise a series of programs to increase employee performance and morale. Happy employees are more likely to show an interest in what they are selling and in turn increase your sales.

  • Prescreened candidates
  • Onsite working interviews
  • Motivating group training sessions
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Detailed job descriptions

Profitable Beverage Programs & Education

With experience building Wine Spectator® award winning wine lists, let our Certified Sommelier build a custom wine list and cocktail menu that will peak your guests interest while increasing sales. Our beverage program design includes but is not limited to award-winning wine lists, diverse craft beer selections, artisan spirits and hand crafted mixology. Your staff will be educated on your new beverage program, proper wine presentation, fundamentals of wine, distilled spirits and craft beer. All programs and offerings are tailored to fit your business, cuisine, price point and clientele. A smart beverage program is a fundamental way to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

  • Sommelier designed beverage lists
  • Complementing of your cuisine
  • Hand selected and high quality
  • Locally, regionally and award winning sourced
  • Staff trained on new offerings




Concept & Company will provide an unbiased detailed report on our findings after one or multiple visits as a “secret patron”. We will ensure that our visit is diverse and a well rounded by taking advantage of all aspects that your business has to offer. We specialize in secret diner, secret bar guest, secret hotel guest, secret shopper, and many other secret patrons to fit your individual needs.

  • Detailed report of findings
  • Highlights of our experience
  • Improvement with action items
  • Critiques from start to finish
  • Reliable assessment


Concept & Company will perform a detailed analysis on any areas where loss frequently occurs in your business. Once this analysis is complete, we will provide a detailed report on our findings with solutions and procedure for loss prevention. We also offer solutions to owners and managers that may have difficulty scheduling in a cost effective manner. Our solutions are designed to save money while increasing productivity.

  • Assess current areas of waste
  • Implement reasonable solutions
  • Coaching of management and staff
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved efficiencies