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Concept & Company specializes in creating an enhanced guest experience - utilizing staff training & education, improved performance, sales driven food & beverage programs and creative concepts.

There's no more exciting time to be involved in the restaurant and hospitality industry than the present day. The prevalence of social media has paved the way for educated consumers. Thus, educated consumers are driving the foodie culture of unique local ingredients, farm to table concepts and whole natural eating. Concept & Company comes to you with a cause to help you and your staff maximize your potential in this rapidly evolving industry. As owners and managers, you need to maintain your point of difference, all while anticipating your customers wants and needs. Your staff must stay educated, disciplined and motivated in order for your business to continue to thrive. Most importantly, you need to accomplish all of this while remaining profitable. We're here to offer our diverse list of services to develop and grow your business in this contemporary market. 

Concept & Company brings a fresh perspective to energize your business, aspiring to greater businesses who are firmly established or even those who have yet to open their doors. We are pleased to offer our services to restaurants, bars, banquet facilities, clubs, lounges, hotels and other like businesses in the hospitality industry.


Services Offered

Employee Recruitment, Hiring & Training

Secret Patron

Improved Performance & Cost Controls

Profitable Beverage Programs & Education

New Business Drivers

Creative Concept Development

Startups & New Business Ventures

Originative Menu Planning

Cost Conscious Marketing

for other restaurant consulting & development services, just ask!


Our Unique Advantage

Our unique advantage is our diverse background of successful management and operations; coupled with our extensive training and nationally recognized certifications. Concept & Company was formed to assist the restaurant and hospitality community utilizing this diverse background. Owner, Don Rodgers knew that time and again, managers and owners were looking for outside help, and by applying our experiences and partnering with others, we could now offer just the help they needed. We have successful backgrounds in fine dining, banquet operations, bar and lounge environments and event management.

Concept & Company has worked with numerous non-profits and special event committees to raise awareness and generate traffic in the restaurant industry. We have created Wine Spectator® award-winning wine lists and distinct artisan and craft beverage menus. Frequently we collaborate with Chefs, media, developers, winemakers, and business directors to create memorable experiences for countless clientele. We are TIPS® Certified, ServSafe® Certified and Sommelier Certified to better serve you and your staff. Concept & Company is also an active member of the National Restaurant Association, The New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association, The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management and The Jersey Shore Chamber of Commerce.




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